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Baba Taj Din Mutton Chaney of Montgomery Road, Lahore

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Address Shop located nearly in mid of Montgomery Road Lahore. Road is famous for Car auto parts and near Lakshami Chowk. Very old place of Lahore for Mutton Chaney.
Shop Setup Small setup. Chaney stall is on ground floor and sitting is on first floor. Not big setup and shop is also not so much prominent from outside.
Suitable Timing Chaney available for Lunch
Parking Etc No parking on road. Too much rush and traffic madness. One should visit this place on motor cycle. Basically this shop caters needs of auto market. Not suitable for outside visitors due to rush in area.
Items Being
Mutton Chaney, Anda Chaney
Quality of Naan No tandoor at shop. So one should expect rubbery Naan
Review of Chaney * Quality of mutton and Chaney is good.
* Taste is reduced due to Rubbery Naan served with Chaney.
* These are good for take away and eating at home with fresh naan.
* Due to traffic madness in the area, this place failed to gain popularity like other places in Lahore.
Classification of
Classify as Semi Elite Group of Chaney
Suitable for
Not suitable for family. Also not suitable for going there on car.
Per Head Cost Quite expensive Chaney. Mutton Chaney would cost you around 600 per head.
Final Rating 8/10
Remarks One time try is must. Due to parking issues/rush in area, trying this place is difficult. Rubbery naan would also reduce the taste of Chaney.

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