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Chicken Karahi

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This Lahori Karahi recipe has a tremendous taste and aroma that will increase your hunger. Though the recipe is quite easy with simple ingredients yet addition of spices in different steps enhances the taste. I will must say to try this recipe for a mouthwatering flavor. You will find the following Chicken Karahi Recipe among the marvelous chicken recipes. Chicken Karahi (also known as Kadai Chicken) is a chicken curry from Pakistan and Northern India. It is a very popular dish because it is so quick and easy to prepare. With just a little chopping and some hands off simmering time, you can have a flavorful curry dinner on the table in 30 minutes! There are numerous places in Lahore where you can eat Chicken Karahi. Most famous is Butt Karahi located at Lakshmi Chowk and Qaddafi Stadium. Others include Yasir broast, Nishat Champ House, etc.

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