Blog :: Chikhar Chaney before Shrine of Baba Shah Jamal in Shadman

Chikhar Chaney before Shrine of Baba Shah Jamal in Shadman

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Address A Road side cart is located just before turning towards shrine of Baba Shah Jamal in Shadman. This cart is famous among foodies of the area. One can easily find it.
Shop Setup Only road side cart with no sitting. People normally gather around cart and eat Chikhar Chaney while standing.
Suitable Timing Chaney available for lunch. One should visit this place at around 01:00 PM
Parking Etc No major issue of parking. One can park car before cart
Items Being
  • Chikhar Chaney
  • Salad, Achar, Raita
Quality of Naan Reasonable quality of naan. Shop has no tandoor but fresh batches of naan arrive at shop after few minutes. One should expect average naan.
Review of Chaney This place offers Chikhar Chaney which are different from routine chaney. Chikhar chaney are kept in wooden utensil and served cold. Salad, raita and achar served with chaney. Chaney are not spicy or oily but combination of achar, chattni, salad makes combination good. Although Chikhar chaney are not like Chikhar chaney of mall road but still good enough for the people of the area. Childhood memories of many foodies associated with this place and they visit this place to refresh old memories
Classification of
Did not qualify for Elite Group or semi Elite group
Suitable for
One can eat in car or get these packed
Per Head Cost Below 100
Final Rating 6.5/10
Remarks One time visit is must to compare taste with famous Chikhar Chaney of mall road.

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