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Ghousia Mutton Chaney, Lohari Gate

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Address Small shop located deep inside Lohari Gate. One need to park car outside Lohari gate and do walk of nearly one Km on foot. Motor cycle can go there. Very famous shop in the area. Every local know about it.
Shop Setup Small shop. Sitting of around 20 people on ground floor and first floor. Majority of customers get these packed instead of eating at shop. Basically this shop caters needs of Lohari gate residents.
Suitable Timing Shop opens for breakfast. Suitable timing would be from 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
Parking Etc Car cannot go inside Lohari gate. One need to park car outside Lohari gate and do walk of one km on foot.
Items Being
* Anda Chaney, Kofta Chaney
* Mutton Chaney
Quality of Naan One can get good quality naan from nearby tandoor after wait of nearly 05 minutes. Shop has no tandoor and nearby tandoor caters need of this shop. It also depends on your order. If you order mutton Chaney, waiter would bring fresh naan for you. Otherwise for regular customers, naan are kept in bulk at shop.
Review of Chaney Good gravy type Chaney. Somewhat heavy but taste is good. Quality of Mutton Machli boti is also good. He adds some almonds in Chaney which is new thing and not seen anywhere else in Lahore. So over all Chaney with mutton Machli boti is recommended.
Classification of
Quality for Elite Group of Chaney
Suitable for
Not suitable for family. One can get these packed and eat at home
Per Head Cost Mutton Chaney with Machli Boti would cost you around 400. Anda Chaney, kofta Chaney etc would cost you around 100 to 150.
Final Rating 9/10
Remarks One time try is must. Place is difficult to reach on Car but easy on motor
cycle or foot.

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