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Ghulam Rasool Mutton/Desi Murgh Chaney, Neela Gumbad

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Address Shop located in Neela Gumbad, Anarkali inside narrow street. After UBL, walk towards Medical college side and after nearly 30 meters, a road street would be turning right. Ghulam Rasool Chaney wala is in that street. Very famous in area. Can ask any local.
Shop Setup Very big setup. Sitting of more than 100 people. One big shop for male foodies. One small shop for family. Outside sitting in street also.
Suitable Timing Closed in Morning. Available for Lunch only. Shop opened on Sunday also.
Parking Etc Parking issues in routing days. Good plus point is that shop is opened on Sunday also. So one should try this place on Sunday when market is closed and one would easily get parking.
Items Being
* Mutton Chaney on routine days.
* Desi Murgh Chaney on meat less days.
* Mutton kofta and broiler Chicken eggs also offered.
* Excellent Salad/raita served with Chaney.
* Availability of cold drinks at shop
* Mutton Yakhni also served
* Excellent Quality hot Ghulam Jaman also served from nearby cart.
Quality of Naan Place offer khamiri roti instead of regular Naan. Place has its own tandoor. So one should expect crisp hot khamiri roti that goes well with naan Chaney
Review of Chaney * Excellent light Chaney.
* Some consider it over rated but majority agree that its one of best naan Chaney in Lahore.
* Quality of Mutton, Desi Murgh, Kofta, Salad and raita is excellent.
* Hot Ghulab Jaman is also added plus.
* No major weakness as per my taste buds.
Classification of
Easily Quality for Elite Group of Naan Chaney in Lahore
Suitable for
Small family area in shop. Suitable for enjoying with family on Sunday when markets are closed and one can easily park car in front of naan Chaney shop. Chaney can be enjoyed in car or in family hall.
Per Head Cost * Simple Chaney would cost you around 60, Anda Chaney around 80, Mutton Kofta Chaney around 180.
* Mutton Chaney would cost you around 300.
* Ghulab Jaman would cost you around 30 rupees per plate.
Final Rating 9/10
Remarks People that love Naan Chaney must try this place. Best time to go there is on Sunday when all markets are closed.

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