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Hafiz Mutton Chaney, Lohari Gate

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Address Small shop inside Lohari Gate. Hardly 100 meter from entrance of Lohari gate.
 Setup Small shop with sitting of around ten persons. Majority of his customers get Chaney packed and eat at home. Basically cater the needs of people living in Lohari Gate.
Suitable Timing Shop opens for breakfast and opens at 07:30 AM. One should reach there early at 08:00 AM, otherwise after that there is too much rush.
Parking Etc Car cannot go inside Lohari gate but plenty of parking available early morning at the entrance of Lohari Gate. Motor Cycles can easily go there.
Items Being
* Mutton Chaney
* Anda Chaney, Kofta Chaney
* Simple Chaney
Quality of Naan No Tandoor at shop. Naan kept in bulk at shop for regular customers. However for order of Mutton Chaney with Machli Boti, waiter brings fresh naan from nearby tandoor. It also depends on rush on shop. If there is rush on shop, naan is supplied from bulk quality which is rubbery and not crisp.
Review of Chaney Good Chaney with Mutton Machli Boti. Quality of mutton is excellent. First he adds simple Chaney, then some mutton Yakhni and oil. Taste is excellent if enjoyed with fresh Kulcha from nearby tandoor. Chaney are light and not heavy at all.
Classification of
Quality for Elite Group of Chaney
Suitable for
Not suitable for family. One can get these packed and eat at home
Per Head Cost Chaney with Mutton Machli boti would cost you around 450. Anda Chaney and kofta Chaney is not expensive and per head cost would be maximum 100 to 150.
Final Rating 9/10
Remarks Try is must for Chaney Lovers. One trick is to get fresh naan from nearby tandoor. If waiter refuses to bring fresh naan, bring it yourself from nearby tandoor.

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