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Jeela Butt Mutton/Desi Murgh Chaney in Shadbagh

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Address Very famous name of Lahore. Shop is on Amir Road, Shadbagh.
Shop Setup Quite big shop. Sitting of around 20 to 30 people.
Suitable Timing Available for breakfast
Parking Etc No parking problem at shop. In morning, majority of shops are closed so one can easily park car near shop
Items Being
* Small Payee
* Mutton Chaney and on meat less days, he serves Desi Murgh Chaney
* Kofta, Anda Chaney Available.
Quality of Naan Quality of Naan is good as there is tandoor adjacent to shop. So one shop expect crisp naan and Kulcha
Review of Chaney Mixed review on Chaney of this place. Some people rate them best Chaney of Lahore. For some, this is over rated place. I tried mutton Chaney and taste was ok. Nothing extra ordinary or exceptional. However taste varies from person to person. Very famous place in Lahore. Place attracts good rush. Did not try its Small payee, so cannot say anything about their taste.
Classification of
I would rate these Chaney as Elite group of Chaney due to its popularity in Lahore.
Suitable for
No family sitting at shop. However families can easily eat in car.
Per Head Cost Quite expensive Chaney. Mutton Chaney would cost you around 600 per head.
Final Rating 8/10
Remarks One time try is must

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