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Mano Desi Murgh Chaney in Sultan Pura

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Address Small shop in Sultan Pura which is behind Lahore railway station. Enter from Doo Moria Pull and travel back to railway station side. At end two turns, take left turn and road going inside sultan Pura. Chaney wala is on that road before big mosque. Very famous place in Sultan Pura. All locals know about it.
Shop Setup Small shop with sitting of around ten people. There are tables and chairs outside shop for sitting also. No rush on road early morning. So plenty of place for eating.
Suitable Timing This place offers one of best small payee. On meat less days (Wednesday & Thursday) he cooks excellent Desi Murgh Chaney. Stock is limited and everything is finished within one hour. One should reach there early morning at 05:30 AM to get Chaney.
Parking Etc No Parking issue. No rush early morning and cars can easily be parked in front of shop.
Items Being
* Small payee on regular days.
* Desi Murgh Chaney on Wednesday and Thursday.
* Simple Chaney and Anda Chaney also available.
Quality of Naan Excellent Quality of Kulcha due to adjacent tandoor. However some Kulcha are also kept at shop. One should ask waiter to bring fresh Kulcha from adjacent tandoor. Overall quality of naan is best in Lahore.
Review of Chaney One of best Chaney in Lahore. Quality of Desi Murgh is also excellent and chicken pieces are properly cooked. Very light Shorba type Chaney that are not heavy at all. No additional spices in Chaney. Just simple Chaney but excellent taste
Classification of
Easily Quality for Elite Group of Chaney. In fact one of best in Lahore.

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