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Saddique Chaney, Shera Wala Gate

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Address Shera Wala Gate is famous gate of Lahore. From Doo Moria pull travel towards Minare Pakistan and Shera wala Gate would come on your left hand side. Chaney shop is inside Sherawala gate. Famous shop is Sherawala gate. One can easily find it with the help of locals.
Shop Setup Small shop with sitting of around 10 people.
Suitable Timing Naan Chaney available for breakfast. One should visit there early morning to avoid rush at around 08:00 AM
Parking Etc Cars cannot go inside Sherawala Gate. One need to park car outside Sherawala gate and do walk of two minutes. Cars can easily be parked outside gate in morning.
Items Being
  • Simple Chaney, Anda Chaney
  • Bong
Quality of Naan No issue with naan. Demand for fresh naan from adjacent tandoor.
Review of Chaney Good quality simple chaney. Light Shorba type chaney. Not heavy or spicy. Bong is also good. Light bong Shorba. One should try both items. Shop good enough for local foodies. Shop is famous among locals.
Classification of
Did not qualify for elite group or Semi Elite Group
Suitable for
Not suitable for family. Take away is only option
Per Head Cost Below 100. Not expensive
Final Rating 7/10 for Chaney and Bong
Remarks Over all good desi place for local foodies of the area.

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