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Saleem Mutton Chaney, Truck Adda, Fruit Mandi, Timber Market

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Address Shop located at Truck Adda, Fruit Mandi, Timber Market, Ravi Road. In front of Metro on Ravi Road, a road going inside timber market. Travel straight until road ends. Two turns at the end. Take right turn and you would be there at Truck Adda of Fruit Mandi. Car cannot go inside due to rush. One need to park car before Truck Adda. Walk of hardly 50 meters and you would reach shop.
Shop Setup Quite spacious shop with sitting capacity of more than 25 people. But place is not suitable for family. Very old shop of Naan Chaney.
Suitable Timing One should reach there early at 08:00 AM to get good mutton pieces like Machli Boti. Chaney available for breakfast.
Parking Etc No parking in front of shop due to rush. But one can easily park car before start of fruit Mandi. Plenty of parking space there.
Items Being
* Mutton Chaney
* Kofta Chaney
* Desi Anda Chaney
* Simple Chaney
* Mutton Yakhni
* White butter from cart in front of shop
Quality of Naan Quality of Naan is Excellent as shop has its own tandoor. Hot crisp naan and Kulcha.
Review of Chaney * One of best mutton Chaney of Lahore. Excellent light Chaney, not heavy on stomach. Shorba type Chaney.
* Quality of Mutton Kofta, Desi Egg is also excellent.
* White butter also goes well with Chaney.
* One should enjoy Mutton Machli Boti with Chaney.
Classification of
Easily Quality for Elite Group of Chaney in Lahore.
Suitable for
Not Suitable for Family. One can get these packed and eat at home with family. As one cannot park car in front of shop, so family cannot eat in car also. No serving in Car for family.
Per Head Cost Chaney with Mutton Machli Boti would cost you around 400. Mutton kofta Chaney or Desi Anda Chaney would cost you around 100 to 150. Price is reasonable and one can take extra gravy.
Final Rating 9/10
Remarks People that love Naan Chaney must try this place. Mutton Machli boti is quite big. If two people are going there, one should order one mutton Chaney and one kofta/Anda Chaney.

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