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Tara Butt Desi Murgh Chaney, Gawalmandi

Tara Butt Desi Murgh Chaney, Gawalmandi

Last updated on 7th Apr, 2018

Address Shop in located on Railway road in Gawalmandi. Exactly in front of Feeka Lassi Wala. Both places are very famous in the area.
Shop Setup In fact no sitting at shop. It’s just road side cart. Two to three benches in front of car and few people eat on cart. Not much sitting
Suitable Timing Available for breakfast. Suitable time to go there is early morning from 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM. Stock is finished fast.
Parking Etc No issue of parking. Not that much rush early morning when shops are closed. One can easily get parking near shop.
Items Being
* Simple chaney and Anda Chaney
* Desi Murgh Shorba
Quality of Naan Quality of naan is excellent. Hot naan from nearby tandoor. One of best Kulcha in Lahore. No issue with naan. Just ask waiter to bring fresh naan from nearby tandoor.
Review of Chaney Basically two items on shop. Chaney and Desi Murgh Shorba. Tara Butt adds chicken Shorba in chaney and cook at shop. Desi Murgh Shorba can also be enjoyed. What I do is ask him to give me one plate simple chaney and add leg piece of Desi Murgh in chaney. You can also eat two dishes separable. Desi Murgh Shorba is very light just like Yakhni. Combination of Desi Murgh Shorba and chaney is excellent. Chaney are very light. Not heavy or oily at all.
Classification of
Classify for Elite group of chaney based on its taste and popularity.
Suitable for
Families can enjoy in car. Easy parking early morning and service is also good. They would serve you in car
Per Head Cost Desi Murgh chaney would cost you around 200 per head. Simple chaney or Anda chaney would cost you 100 per head. Not expensive chaney.
Final Rating 9/10
Remarks Must be visited. Basic idea is to mix Desi Murgh Shorba and chaney in one bowl and eating chaney with Desi Murgh Leg piece. Desi Murgh Leg pieces are in high demand and finished early morning. Don’t listen to language of Tara Butt. He speaks very adult language.


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